Month: January 2013

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Microsoft Office 365 Home Premium (2013 Edition) was released to the public today as expected. We have covered the release and the features on our blog, but most of our clients are businesses and are interested in the launch of the Business Editions until February 27, 2013.  There is a marked increase in both simplicity and functionality in both the Home and Business editions as well as the option to install on five different devices. It is important to note also that Microsoft Office 365 supports both Windows and Mac operating systems. Mobile support is also available including secure E-Mail delivery on most modern phones.

Microsoft Office 365 2013 Edition offers features like a simpler interface, more cloud storage options, and the ability to customize more than ever before. Existing users will want to take advantage of some of the newer options and it will be a great…

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For Sale: Russian Imper. Cigar Box Early 1900’s

For your consideration I have attached pictures of an inlaid wood cigar box with an imperial Russian seal early 1900’s.

We are interested in selling this item. We are also interested in any valuation you suggest so that we would know how to price it for sale in your auction.

Attached please find some images. The dimensions are 9” x 6” x 3”.


Martin Low